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About Us

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About Us.

Nordstrom has changed their employee management system radically.

However, no public forum exists, where employees can ask login questions, get answers, and  read up on issues related to their employement at Nordstrom.

This is where this website come in. This Nordstrom Help and Support website is able to answer questions that new employees have regarding their employment.

As a Nordstrom employee, you can ask any question in the comment section.

Disclaimer. is NOT the official website, and is NOT owned and moderated by Nordstrom Inc. is not affiliated with, owned by, or controlled by Nordstrom Inc.

Mynordstrom is anindependent website that offers answers, help, and “how to” FAQ articles for former and current Nordstrom employees.

The official Mynordstrom Portal login page can be found at:

Contact Us.

Contact us by writing a comment on the Homepage, or by emailing